Friday, August 19, 2011

Rediscovering blog syndication on Facebook

This blog of mine always had a feed but I didn't use it much other than that odd programming experiment like trying out that new library for parsing XML data. That was until someone at mention that you can add your blog post into your Facebook wall automatically. You betcha the light bulb went TING!

Someone needs to update that Help page!
So jumped to Facebook's help center to read up on using this feature. You should get the sense that you'll need to use the "Notes" application for this. But that when things started to go a little bit sideways.

There is no "Import a blog" link in mine. WTF! But no worries, I did figure out what the "Edit import settings" is all about. And the link is not on the right side of the page.

With that solved, now I can automatically publish my post into my Facebook wall once I save it. Gravy!