Thursday, December 15, 2016

Back to teaching but part time mind you

So I'm just back to teaching part time at USTP which is formerly MUST. I've been asked to teach Object Oriented Programming. And this is what I've noticed.

Starting with the OOP syllabus, I noticed:
  • It's outdated as fuck. For example, it still mentions "Java applets". Yes, that's 1998 for you.
  • The syllabus reads like it's a Java 101 class instead of purely OOP class. 
Aside from the syllabus, the lab setup is wrong.
  • "Standalone Lab" which translates to "Computer Lab WITH NO Internet". Yes, we're back to 1998 again. All Java programming to date requires Internet access. Heck, ALL programming activity requires Internet access.
  • This assumption of using IDEs (Netbeans, in this case) at the start. I disagree with this. IDEs hide or automates the actual process of programming. Not understanding the actual process doesn't make for good devs or programmers.
This complaints are besides the point, what I really found was a wide, gaping disconnect on how OOP is seen in the industry and in academia. This could also be true for other IT related subjects.

We need to find a way to close the gap because if not we are condeming a generation of students, workers to "Hello sir, may I take your order?"

And that is just fucked up.