Monday, February 10, 2014

ElementaryOS, Netbeans 8 and that smexy new Terminal

So, I downloaded the Netbeans 8 which still in beta but I like it! Some of the new things I like are:

  1. The new smexy Terminal allowing me to run bower, grunt, yeoman commands without opening a separate Terminal - A BIG DEAL TO ME!
  2. New themes allowing for easier-on-the-eyes coding - ie. Less eye strain due to glare
  3. Better code hinting to JavaScript libs - although I only tried AngularJS
  4. Cordova or PhoneGap support
Now just for icing on the cake, I'm been running around with ElementaryOS which I advise people to try out especially that Microsoft was really really killing WindowsXP and you can't stand Windows 8. ElementaryOS is just a sweet mod to Ubuntu/Debian so it's pretty easy to install and use. And about that icing on the cake, Netbeans 8 "seems" to boot up and run faster on this relatively old Core2Duo 2GB machine. When I was running Win7 on it, it kinda felt sluggish.

Some tips if you're new to Netbeans and you're doing web development:
  1. Install the Emmet and Explore-from-here plugins
  2. Print out the Keyboard Shortcuts - Try out the Ctrl+Tab to navigate between view
Keep on coding.