Monday, July 12, 2010

Web design color schemes

You don't know this, but I suck at coming up with original web designs. I usually just rip one off from the or somewhere. But somehow you got to evolve to become better at what you love to do and I happen to love the web.

So I started playing around trying to understand Color until I stumbled across this pretty neat piece of software that allows me to play with color schemes. Its called ColorSchemer Studio. They also have it as a Windows sofware. It's pretty cool. You get to play around with various color schemes for various projects.

For example, I have a new project and my clients inspiration for color is from a piece of abstract art.

Hey, I don't really undestand it myself. But its the clients money so....

Move on to ColorSchemer. You see ColorSchemer has this nifty little feature that can create color schemes from a picture. In this case, it was scan, digitized and saved as a high-resolution JPG file.

Here is a screenshot of the artwork inside ColorSchemer. Notice that you get to pick colors that are already in the picture.

Here, I am trying out the color schemes at various elements on a dummy web layout also within ColorSchemer.