Thursday, November 11, 2010

XAMPP and Skype are not friends!

XAMPP and Skype are not friends! And nobody told me. They are not happy campers.

I have been using XAMPP as my development environment for a bunch of PHP projects like Drupal and Symfony. Also, XAMPP is my test application for most of my JSP applications like a registration system using Tapestry or Vaadin.

Skype. Well, I just started using Skype because some of my off shore projects use Skype. Apparently they don't think that Google talk or Yahoo! Messenger is not enough.

Now about them not playing nice - Skype uses ports that XAMPP also uses. If you try to run XAMPP Apache from the panel, it starts up then shuts down if Skype is running. So there are two solutions to this:

  1. Re-configure XAMPP Apache to use a different port. Not at difficult; you need to do this if you want to running both applications at the same time.
  2. Shut down one of them. My preferred solution. If I want to run XAMPP Apache then I have to "kill" Skype.  
Edit(7/6/2011): You can get around this now by running XAMPP first and turning on the services (Apache + MySQL) then open Skype. Skype will use a different port. 

    Sunday, November 7, 2010


    A few weeks (maybe a couple months ago - SO SUE ME!), I figured out how to get a Spring WebApplicationContext into a Vaadin application, so I tried to figure out how to get Hibernate into it with a working DAO to boot. It took a few hours but I think I have this puppy wired. Get it?

    Here's a screenshot:
    singgihpraditya blog help me get the bits working together. Spring Framework breaks your application into small bits and wire them together using XML config files. So, the magic is really in the config files.

    Now since I am using Netbeans as my development IDE, I didn't have to deploy a mySQL database for this. Netbeans has a since Derby "Sample" database - being a sample it already has data.

    Don't forget to import the derbyclient.jar. It took me a few to figure that one out. The first time around I thought that my database properties file was source of the error along with the Spring config file.

    Here is another screenshot with the web application running on Tomcat.

    Aryan, Bhadz, Cholo, Carl, Kim don't hate!