Sunday, November 7, 2010


A few weeks (maybe a couple months ago - SO SUE ME!), I figured out how to get a Spring WebApplicationContext into a Vaadin application, so I tried to figure out how to get Hibernate into it with a working DAO to boot. It took a few hours but I think I have this puppy wired. Get it?

Here's a screenshot:
singgihpraditya blog help me get the bits working together. Spring Framework breaks your application into small bits and wire them together using XML config files. So, the magic is really in the config files.

Now since I am using Netbeans as my development IDE, I didn't have to deploy a mySQL database for this. Netbeans has a since Derby "Sample" database - being a sample it already has data.

Don't forget to import the derbyclient.jar. It took me a few to figure that one out. The first time around I thought that my database properties file was source of the error along with the Spring config file.

Here is another screenshot with the web application running on Tomcat.

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