Saturday, July 30, 2011

Singapore and Back

So, I just got back from Singapore and I have seen what Cagayan de Oro can be. DAMN. Clean, efficient, orderly and modern but unfortunately there are a few things amiss.

1. MRT Zombies. They give a whole new meaning to Skull Candies. They have headphones - the noise canceling kind (headphones that you stick inside your ear) but I can still hear the techno music that they are listening too. How loud is loud? No wonder they stare into space and get cranky when you ask for directions.

Going to see that iconic Singapore mascot:
The Merlion

2. Old people OK but the kids are likely to flip you off. By kids here I mean the teenagers and up. Now, I don't mean every kid here but you just get that vibe.

3. The heat! I wasn't expecting Singapore to be that hot. I wasn't sweating. I was melting. But then again, you could always duck inside a mall or MRT station.

4. That horrible Singlish. Singlish is a crime. Its even worst than Taglish. What's even worst is that they think that they are speaking good English.

Aside from that my Singapore experience was exceptional. I should say that everyone should go and see Singapore. Its just a 4 hour flight from Cebu and its not like you'll feel out of place as a Filipino. Roughly, 1 in every 5 Singaporean is a Filipino. Go figure.