Monday, August 22, 2011's prepkit for Cisco640-802

I was asked to review's prepkit for Cisco640-802. I was intrigued. I immediately thought about comparing it to the other Cisco prepkits that I already know like Testking and Pass4sure. I was caught by surprise that Ucertify's prepkit was very different than that of the other guys.

The other guys had a question dump packed into the database. Ideally, this would work for you if you are already experienced in the field of computer networking and need to get that certification fast. But this would be a disadvantage to someone without the training or experience. Sure they can memorize by rote the answers to the questions but I doubt that they understood anything. This is where Ucertify's prepkit comes in.

Enhance your understanding
The prepkit is like this whole ecosystem of learning Cisco in a single piece of software. Not just Q and A database that you can browse.

The prepkit has this "Enhance your understanding" section which I find very nice. It complements the study helper (AKA study guide) that comes with the prepkit.

The prepkit has this "Create a fixed time test" feature. I thought it was a hooky feature until I tried it out. It basically allows you to create limited time test. Say you have a break for 15-minutes, you can spin this up and get a custom 15-minute test which can be in "Test mode" or "Learn mode".

You see, Ucertify prepkit test has modes like "Test mode" and "Learn mode" when its time to do a test. The difference being that "Test mode" lets me see the feedback at the end of the test while "Learn mode" provides me with the feedback immediately after each answer.

So far, I am very impress with Ucertify's Cisco prepkit and I haven't tried out every feature out yet. I would certainly recommend this to someone who wants that Cisco certification with the actual skills to back them up. Let's face it, how many people do you think you can convince when all you can do is talk and not the walk?