Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fixing that buggy stock ROM on your CM MagnumHD

My phone's
home pane
For those who are lucky enough to get Cherry Mobile's MagnumHD, we all can agree that the stock ROM f***** sucks. I really mean it sucks - the random restarts, the FCs, context buttons stop responding and the the most annoying is the screen times out (i.e. blacks out) when you make a phone call. So, being a geek, I will have none of this and I started scheming (along with Aryan Limjap which BTW, provides us the lovely images attached to this post) to get a fix into my CM Magnum. Warranty be damn!

System Pane
And what do you know, the Indians Indonesians came up with a better ROM. As you can see I'm now running a Wellcom-A99 ROM on my CM MagnumHD. I can tell you it runs better, cooler and longer. Also I would like to point out the Android version 2.2.2. I will still flash this thing to 2.3 when it comes out. But trust me on this, MY PHONE IS RUNNING BETTER on this ROM.

You might wonder how is this possible, then you apparently didn't inherit enough "bright" genes from your parents. But to get my point moving, CM MagnumHD is OEM phone from Foxconn and is rebranded in a lot of other countries.
  • Philippines - CM MagnumHD
  • China - Huawei Ideos X6
  • US - Viewsonic ViewPad 4
  • India Indonesia - Wellcom A99
  • India - OliveSmart V-S300
With the Apps
And that is why children, I can stick an Wellcom A99 ROM on my CM MagnumHD. But still want to beat this into your head, if you are doing this you are voiding your phone's warranty. As for me, I already voided mine when I rooted my phone. Refer to the screenshot with the apps.

So if you understand what I am telling you and you still want to flash in the Welcomm ROM then click here. Just scroll down and look for the link. The download is about 200MB. 

And btw, did I mention to you all that there's still a slight chance that this will put your phone into a boot-loop or (worse) brick your phone?

Edit: Mecha50 corrected me that the A99 ROM is Indonesian. My bad.