Friday, March 25, 2011

Yeah, I run Ubuntu...Wanna make sumthin' out of it?

Yes, I know my desktop looks cool. It also very, very sweet! My 3 year old ACER laptop which has only 1gig of RAM is running quite smoothly and responsively. To quote yoyong ucab,
"Best performance kaayo."
Trust me on this - when you see this thing run Vista, it makes you wanna cry. Vista is the OS that was bundled with this thing when I bought it and it so f'in slow. And to add insult to injury its Vista Starter. Yes. It's the fork-over-more-bucks-so-you-can-run-more-than-3-apps Vista Starter OS.

You will also notice that I got Netbeans running on this thing. I am a developer after all and its gravy. I even got to sync my code from my repo.

You should be looking at Ubuntu on you next laptop. I'm beginning to question the wisdom of paying for the "other" operating system when there's this.

Now, I wonder if I can set this one up as an Android dev/test machine...hmmm.