Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Nexus One or Moto Droid suck balls

Screenshot after benchmarking
with Quadrant
Being the idiot that I am, I got sucked into a "hot" debate on which Android device is faster. And as we all know, everyone wants to say that they have the "better" device. Well, they can all kiss my phone's ass! So talked about it and we agreed to use a benchmarking tool and get the bottom of this. We all got this benchmarking tool called Quadrant from the Market. It free by the way. And well all agreed to get the Standard Edition. This would be the 1.1.7 version with a build date of Feb 1, 2011.

And let the benchmarking begin! And my Cherry Mobile Magnum HD kicks all their asses! And then some!

The graph does not lie!

"Screw that. The results your getting must be a fluke." they said, I then replied: "I don't know. Am I the one bending over and getting screwed?"

I couldn't begin to tell you how big my grin was walking away.