Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2 very useful super nerd tricks with terminals

In Unix land and yes that includes the mac fangays, they are called terminals. In Windows land, they are called the command line and it makes Windows users cry.

Anyhow, too often I find myself traversing a long file path on a terminal. You know what I mean by where you're doing several CD commands and when you do a pwd it will show something like "/etc/var/someRandomAssAppFolder/config/local/" or "C:\Users\Jay L. Ginete\.android\avd\IonicDevice.avd\hardware-qemu.ini.lock\". You're just in too deep and then suddenly you need to open a damn window for whatever reason. If  you don't know the trick then you'll have to navigate to said path. Shit. Nobody got time for that.

So next time what you'll do is:


C:\Users\killertilapia\Documents\WebstormProjects\Katrina>start .

On Macs

$ open .

And there you go, it opens a Explorer window if on Windows and a Finder if on a Mac (or *nix equivalent) on the same path your terminal is on.