Friday, June 10, 2016

Python and the MySQL driver hole I found myself

So I'm a Python developer now and Django to boot. To those who read this blog would have noticed that I primary do Java and AngularJS but I've used Python sparingly so this change ain't so bad.

But first off, this Python 2 and 3 is freakin' annoying but it still works out nicely with virtual environments. Then I walked into Python's mess of MySQL drivers. Working with Django with a MySQL backend, there's little or no mention of needing a MySQL driver, if a newbie walked into this error it take them a chuck of time to figure it out. And if they figure it out, will then stumble into the myriad of options (mysql-connector-python, PyMySQL, etc.) which lead me to the hole I mention on the title.

The whole start was just because I picked PyMySQL as my driver which a pure Python implementation of a MySQL connector. My Python script kept failing on me until I found that I need to install the damn thing:

    import pymysql

except ImportError:

Before I run my __main__ function.


Well, I can't back out now. I'm a Python dev now anyway.