Thursday, March 13, 2014

Google drive docs with signatures

The Easy Way to add signatures into Google docs
I have stopped sending paper proposals to clients. It's too much of a hassle and often times not worth the cost. It's also worth mentioning not wholly environmentally friendly. So I try to mostly do stuff electronically and I also encourage my clients to do the same. I often tell them to adapt to the change or be left behind. Also, to make it sting a bit, I tell them that an IPad isn't just for playing (insert-what-bird-game-is-popular-here). But there are these unfortunate ones that just don't take an electronic proposal with a signature. These are the people who haven't really caught on but at least their are drifting in the right direction. All I can really do is accommodate them. Which leads me to: How do I put a digital signature on a Google Drive document?

There are two ways: The naive way and the easy way.

The Naive way
  1. Take a sheet of paper and make your signature using a wide pen (0.5mm pens at least)
  2. Scan it or take a picture of it
  3. Upload to Drive
  4. Insert it to document. 
The Easy way
  1. Create a new Google document
  2. Go to Insert > Drawing
  3. On the Drawing window, change the line to Scribble
  4. Save & Close
The easy way is not perfect though since signing with a mouse is like writing with a bar of soap but that can be easily fixed with writing tablet from CD-R King.

The naive way works also, it just too much work for me. Also, my phone camera takes potato-quality images and I don't have a scanner. Who has a scanner these days?