Monday, May 6, 2013

Not your older brother's XAMPP stack

Let's face it, web development has a lot of moving parts: web server, database, various libs and PHP as programming language. And if you're on Windows then your doing it in hard mode. 

I've been using XAMPP but I getting bored with Apache and MySQL. It's time to use something else, learn something new. Who knows, it might be helpful down the road in trolling someone. This is where I found out about WPN-XM. It's an abbreviation of something pretty long, just read about it on their website.

WPN-XM which is the same as XAMPP except it uses Nginx instead of Apache and MariaDB instead of MySQL and it even has MongoDB. Think about it, MariaDB and MongoDB all in a single dev stack. It also have a few tools that any PHP5 programmer will appreciate like Webgrind and XDebug.

This should be interesting.