Friday, October 26, 2012

In Android: Long press = right click

Share anyone?
I just sat through an IPad demo for education. The demo was basically about using IPad as a teaching tool for college/university level instruction. It was pretty good but then I notice something wrong amiss with the IPads. You can't just share data between apps like I just can't just pass links from say Safari to Chrome.You have to do a copy-paste procedure which is kinda stupid and unnecessary.

For Android old-timers, doing stuff like that is a piece of cake. Just do a long press and you will be presented a "Share via" option and then you can send where you want it and the target know what to do with it.

New Android people seem to be limited to point-click and swiping with their phones and/or tablets. If they do a long presses on stuff in their phones they'll discover a whole new layer of features to play around with.

Android programmers know this as "Intents". In Android, the 3 core components of an application — activities, services, and broadcast receivers — are activated through messages, called intents. Thus allowing my app to pass data and stuff to other apps. That's cool in every which way you look at it. Which begs the questions:

Why the copy-paste procedure Apple?

Edit: Apparently, Windows Phone does the same with Bing Search and Internet Explorer. That's sad.