Thursday, July 5, 2012

What bullshit is this Cisco?! I call shenanigans!

I use and endorse your stuff Cisco but no more! You heard me, NO FUCKING MORE! You Cisco just plain pissed me off! What is this bullshit in your new router line about I must use your Cisco Connect Cloud or get my router bricked? And your license is bullshit, It reads:

You agree not to use or permit the use of the Service: (i) to invade another's privacy; (ii) for obscene, pornographic, or offensive purposes; (iii) to infringe another's rights, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights; (iv) to upload, email or otherwise transmit or make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, spam, junk mail or any other form of solicitation; (v) to transmit or otherwise make available any code or virus, or perform any activity, that could harm or interfere with any device, software, network or service (including this Service); or (vi) to violate, or encourage any conduct that would violate any applicable law or regulation or give rise to civil or criminal liability. 

You can brick my device if I browse or download porn or warez? YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!

I call shenanigans!