Monday, July 2, 2012

Checking out Brackets editor

So the guys over at WeAreKiss told me to check out Brackets. Brackets is this new open-source code editor built with the web for the web. I'm trying it out to see if it lives up to its slogan (or "hype"). Don't expect much of it just now since its sort of in "Alpha". Think experimental build. Using it though isn't really a hassle you just download it, unpack and find the binaries and run with it.

Brackets Code Editor
I have been running Brackets for a few hours now and it's pretty nice to use when editing JavaScript, CSS (Less format) and HTML5. Not everything was that smooth though. I had a rough time figuring out the preview thing with this.

I like the jsLint add-on. It comes handy when I'm editing JavaScript files although it will nag to no end about how terrible my JavaScript is. ;)

But there's one thing, I wish Brackets had and that's a concept of a "project" folder like in inotai's inType editor.

Other than that, let's see how it goes in a week or so.