Monday, April 23, 2012

My website starterkit - 1kb Grid, Less, Formalize & Reset

I made starter kit for web development. It's a simple 960 grid-based kit with Less CSS. My starter kit is based on Tyler Tates' 1KB CSS grid, but it also has other stylesheets like:
  1. Meyer's Reset - to reset everything
  2. Formalize - for well mannered forms. 
  3. Style.less - This is where you should be adding your CSS, in the Less format.
I also turned Formalize and Grid into Less style sheets so I can combine all three into a single style sheet.

The starter kit also has jquery1.7 (via CDN) already added. You might want to change this during development.

To get the most of my starter kit you'll need something to turn Less style sheets to valid cascading style sheets. Try out Winless or Simpless.

You can clone my mercurial repo at if you want to try it out.

In case your wondering the code is DBAD licensed.