Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Screencaps from my new phone

So, I got a new phone yesterday. I decide to get something that sweet and Android. Sweet! I had to drag my resident Android ph33rk to come with me when I decided to get this phone. It's always nice to have someone who knows his stuff to help buy, well...stuff. So a shout out to Aryan Limyap.

"BAI, Don't hate." ;-)

So what phone Did I get? I got the Cherry Mobile Magnum HD. And anyone who said shit about Cherry Mobile either doesn't own one or doesn't know crap about buying a smart phone.

The price is steep but not that painfully when you think about getting a Galaxy5 or HTC Desire at 30k. That's at least a 10-12k different. On a side note, the CM Magnum HD specs kicks the Galaxy5 and HTC  Desire specs in the ass.

I paid 20k for mine because I had to get a 16G MicroSD card. I am also thinking of shelling out a couple more hundred buck to get a quality screen protector and case for it.

Yeah, I know you might hate me right now. Especially, my sister who is one of those rabid and lunatic Apple users. I love you ngit but "heck no, I ain't getting no IPhone."

Here are more screens:

phone screencaps