Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swing-like Chuyness (My Vaadin course of beginners)

It's that time of the year again where I had to teach yet another batch of students. This time I don't think I'll be doing Tapestry5 again - You don't repeat the same gag, to do the next one. So, what is the next gag? This time around it's Vaadin. I wanted to learn how to use Vaadin ever since a former student of mine showed it to me. So, I plan to build something using Vaadin and take my students along for the ride. 

Like my Tapestry course, I will walk you through a complete web application development from design to deployment using the Vaadin framework. I think you should read "walk you through" like "we will be winging it". Making good lesson plans isn't really one of my strong points.

The course will look like something this:

  1. Vaadin is what exactly? 
  2. What exactly are we up to?
  3. Springing DAO: Spring + Hibernate
  4. Breaking Tradition: GUI programming for webapps
  5. Tweaking out! 
  6. Coming back alive: Deploying for WAR
This isn't exactly set in stone, more like something I just pulled out of my ass. So if there's something missing, we will deal with it when we get to that bridge. We will make up the requirements and specification as we move along.