Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wat!? HTML is now an application framework? I'm calling bullshit!

You wish it was bullshit, but no. HTML, since HTML5 has provided full-blown component-oriented solutions. Stuff like the Shadow DOM specs, media-queries, validation and error handling are just the tip of this iceburg. New stuff is being added to HTML everyday.

A good example I can give is the way how text (or code) completion is done in HTML5 - let's say a "browser" list textbox. The old way of doing this would be a choke-full of JavaScript. We can use a datalist tag element instead.

<input type="text" name="browserSelect" 

<datalist id="browserList">  
   <option value="IE">  
   <option value="Firefox">  
   <option value="Chrome">  
   <option value="Opera">  
   <option value="Safari">  

Of course, you could further refined this with a dash of JavaScript like say Angular or Knockout.

Now if only companies drop IE6 or IE8. zzzzzz.