Sunday, March 29, 2015

My summer 2015 MEAN project: Dormmetita

Dormmetita. That's the name of the app we are building.

I asked a question over at the CDO-ITG FB page a couple of weeks ago what would the community like to read or do over the summer. I had a couple of options for Java, Node and Python. The overall winner though was nodejs. So for the summer I'm doing a MEAN tutorial to build an old app that a couple of guys "brainstormed" about a year back named Dormmetita. Right, +Romar Mayer Micabalo+Paul Michael Labis+Raven Duran?

Technically it's "Dorm me, tita." which is an app to find and post dorm rooms, apartments for students localized to my city, Cagayan de Oro which is a university town. We might throw in reviews but let's keep it simple for now. We can make up stuff as we go.

 I've broken down the tutorial in these topics:
  1. Setting up 
  2. Node is up: hello world
  3. Coding the REST services (Part 1) - The Model
  4. Finish the REST (Part 2) with Fiddler debugging and testing
  5. Bootstrapping the view parts 
  6. Add Angular to the page
  7. Deploy to Azure, because free is nice

So bookmark this post to follow.