Friday, August 2, 2013

WTF Win8! No adhoc networking? No wonder it sucks.

This is more rant than developer talk.

A few nights ago, my laptop's hard disk was failing and I had to replace it and while I was at it I decided to update to Windows 8. I thought why the hell not? I did have a valid key and who know I might like it. I WAS SOOO FUCKING WRONG!!

The install process was painless, then there's a lot of eye candy and then it started to go downhill from there. First is that ribbon, strip on the right side, what is that all about? And why doesn't have to pop out ONLY WHEN I put my mouse pointer to the TOP RIGHT corner of the screen? And if I can customize it, WHERE THE FUCK is the customization screen so I can change it's behavior.

Second, WHY THE FUCK NO wireless adhoc connections? Yes, I found the couple of blogs telling how it can be done but involves opening the command line and THAT IS BULLSHIT! And if you make the argument of using third-party software like Connectify, FUCK YOU!

There's a third one, fourth one, fifth one but I don't want to talk about BECAUSE REASONS!

The only bright spot for me is that my laptop boots up and shuts down faster and my Visual Studio runs better. Almost everything else was a disaster.