Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 15.4" laptop backpack

I've had been searching for a laptop backpack for months now but my city certainly had slim pickings for a 15.4" laptop. As it turns out, a lot of options for a 14" laptop.  I think I've visited at least once all the bag, backpack retailer in every mall, department store in this city. No such luck, so I turn to the internet.

This is where I found Its's this online shop based out of Hong Kong. The real kicker is that they ship stuff you buy from the site anywhere in the world for FREE. Gravy.

Search the site for a "laptop backpack" and browsed the results. I finally settled on this Waterproof 15.4" Travel backpack. I stupidly thought that the brand is Waterproof. Hehehe. When I got my backpack after 4 weeks, the brand is Swissgear. Just its made in China which probably makes it a knockoff. But don't let that put you off because honestly I can't tell it apart from the original. The backpack seems to be well made.

And it fits all my gear nicely. Just take a look at the image at the right. The bag has this padded compartment for the laptop and extra pockets for the mouse and power brick and cord. In fact, the pads are so nice that you can forget about getting one of those soft carrying sleeves.

I also need to mention has this cool feature where a special small bag designed to load CD/MP3/MP4 players (ie. an iPod) with 3.5mm cable and jack allowing you to enjoy music at anytime. The interface jack is on the harness. But I think you have to get one of those headphones with controllers so you don't have to dig through the pack.
Despite all of that stuff, the pack still has enough space for a couple of books, a shirt or two and a from the looks of it, a netbook. And that's just from the inside compartment. The pack still has space on the front and sides for a water bottle or canteen or camera or overnight kit. Heck, it even has space for your shades.

My best purchase ever!