Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make up your mind! - How an error made me "ang amp @#$@#!"

I admit that I don't really use Microsoft software but that doesn't say they don't put out some fantastic stuff. So I decided to check out Microsoft's Expression Web 4. EW4 is for web design, also lucky for me the university that I am working for had an academic alliance license for it. Woohoo!

It should have been a straight-forward procedure installing EW4. But it had me to jump a couple of hoops.

First, I had to download the .NET 4 framework. Fine. OK. No problem. So, I got the web installer and ran it. Being a web installer, I had to wait for it to download the whole thing.

I also got Silverlight. What fun would I have with I couldn't run all those cool demos from EW4 without Silverlight. BTW, getting Silverlight should be pie if you are running Windows 7.

With everything set, ran the app and I then ran into this error:

I don't know about you but the error confused me. Take a closer look: "is either not designed to run on Windows..." Not designed to run on Windows? Are you sure?

Anyway, I did fix this error...eventually.