Saturday, June 19, 2010

I told you so + Nener! Nener!

In the beginning, I suffered through Netbeans3. True, it had a slick interface and was (even then as it is now) free but it was dirt slow and was a memory hog. And so I started looking for alternatives but something told me revisit this tiny IDE. I did and that was when Netbeans5.0 was released and I was pleased. That was like 5 years ago(give or take). I was faster, slimmer and overall better.

And so I took it and ran with it, I used it in all my projects and it moved on to my classes and I eventually got it to be the universal IDE for Capitol University's College of Computer Studies. They use it for almost anything except for Assembly programming. If there is stable plugin for Assembly programming in Netbeans can somebody tell me.

In other case, they want to use the "other" IDEs. The discussion ranged from "No IDE" (just and the command line), "Yes IDE" (JEdit, eclipse, myeclipse, JBuilder, etc..) to "To each his own IDE". Now I can safely say, on what they suggested, "They got nothing on Netbeans!".

The other guys seem to agree.
So, to the people that has been my misfortune to meet who thinks that Netbeans sucked, Nener! Nener!