Sunday, October 4, 2009

What are we making? An address book (for the web) what else?

Why an address book? Why not? It has all the vitamins and minerals that a growing, learning, aspiring programmer needs. Well, OK, not really. Anyway, it's a pretty good starting point for programmers to learn Tapestry5. This address book project of ours will also use  a lot of open-source technology goodies. We got Hibernate for as our ORM, MySQL for our database, and of course Tapestry5.

We will be using Netbeans, not Eclipse.  My employer (Capitol University) uses Netbeans for everything (ie. Java, C/C++, php, JavaME), why not use it? You could use eclipse though.

You only need to download MySQL, Maven2 and Netbeans. The other stuff, libraries will be managed by Maven.

Now for the address book. The plan is a simple CRUD application with some basic security, nothing overly complicated. We will be using two tables: Address and Login.

Technically its not the most efficient design but it will work for our purposes. This should be enough as our starting point.

Remember - "specify some, code some then repeat until project complete."

Address Table Details

Login Table Details